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Bluesville Natural Dyed Goods

February 24, 2013

Bluesville is an Indonesian brand that focuses on natural-dyed garments. Before the advent of modern synthetic dyes, you would need to source the ingredients locally to create dyes. It meant that certain regions were known for different colors and finishing methods. The brand seeks to bring back this method as they feel it has a “unique character of color that cannot be replicated by man made dye.” As you may gather from their name, natural indigo blue is one of their favorite dyes. A variety of species of the indigo plant are found in Indonesia, which along with the traditional method of Batik printing, give their clothes a different feel. Their methods may be traditional Indonesian, but the styles are classic workwear–chinos, denim and mil-spec shirts, etc.

A Natural Indigo Cross Slub Shirt. The shirt has 2 different slub yarns and is garment-dyed in a vat, giving it a unique shading:



The Milspec Chino in Olive


images via Bluesville


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