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Review: 800Razors

April 15, 2013

A new company called 800Razors recently provided me with some razors for a review. The company was started by two businessmen who, after losing their luggage on a business trip, were shocked at how much razors and blades cost.

So they decided to try to bring the costs down. After investigating overseas manufacturers, they found an American manufacturer who had been making razors since the 1800s.



The “Made-in-the-USA” aspect is what made me decide to try these out. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the razors. The company supplied both of their models–the H3O and the H5O, which are inspired by the Mach 3 and Fusion 5 respectively. The handles are made from steel with rubber grip points. The steel has a very nice weight, giving the handle a sense of quality that I don’t find in most mainstream brands.



So, over the past 2 days, I tried out a different razor each morning. I do a wet shave with a badger brush and The Art of Shaving’s Ocean Kelp shaving cream. Each razor gave me a nice, smooth shave. The weight of the handle definitely helped keep the blade moving nicely. I preferred the H3O versus the H50 based on the size, as I found the smaller blade easier to work with in tight spaces under my nose and on my chin.

Still, both razors performed well and I recommend trying it. 800Razors packages start at $9.99, which gets you a free handle and either 5 H3O cartridges or 4 H50 cartridges. Not bad for an American-made razor.

Editor’s Note: The company has reworked their product line and the razors in this review are no longer available. I purchased one of their new styles and will review it shortly.


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