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Shuron Sidewinder Review

January 1, 2014

Last year I decided to purchase a new pair of glasses. I had owned the previous pair for 15 years, and while they were in good shape, I felt I needed to add a different style to my collection. Besides, since I use contact lenses during the day, my prescription was out of date on my glasses.

So I decided on some Shuron Sidewinders. I wanted something that was Made in the USA, a classic style, tortoiseshell, and under $100 for the frames. Shuron Sidewinders fit all of those categories.

The thing I liked about Shuron was that they came in several size options. After trying on some RayBan Wayfarer frames at my optometrist to help get an idea of the size I might need, I ordered mine through Optometrist Attic. The first pair I ordered were too wide in the bridge, resulting in my eyes being off-center in the lenses and giving me a cross-eyed appearance. I exchanged them for a smaller pair and had them adjusted at my optometrist for overall width.

After wearing metal frames for so long, the weight of plastic frames took a little getting used to. But the frames are great quality, with a rich tortoiseshell pattern. They are solidly built, with no loose hinges and better plastic than you find on other sub-$100 glasses. I do wish that Shuron’s were a bit more widely distributed, as I think they offer great return for the money. At some point I will probably pick up another pair for sunglasses.





  1. Some Assembly Required permalink
    January 13, 2014 9:51 pm

    I have the Shuron Freeway (similar to the Sidewinder but with straight temples) as sunglasses. The frames are this same tortoise with G15 (dark green) lenses. I got them direct from Shuron; they have a complete on-site lab and can fill any prescription.

    • January 14, 2014 9:21 pm

      I had considered the Freeway but felt with my big head the Sidewinder temples would look more proportional.

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