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About United Style

My name is David. I’m a graphic designer in Southern California with a bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising. I created United Style in 2010 to help me keep track of the things I liked and share it with like-minded people.

When I created the blog, the text below was the first thing I wrote and the only thing on this page. I still stand by it. Thanks for reading:

This is about men’s style. This is about clothing. This is about craftsmen, about things made by hand and by machine, about those who take pride in what they do. This is about admiring the past, but not living in it. This is about design, furniture, typography, graphics, run on sentences, and Mexican Coke. This is about things made in America, made outside of America, and places in between. This is about Jean-Michel Frank, Cary Grant, Bono, your grandfather (not that one, the other one), and men named Charles. This is about trying to figure out what it takes to become a better man, father, son, husband, co-worker, human. This is about learning that good quality isn’t always expensive, but poor quality always is.

This is about united style.

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