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Kramer’s Skinny Jeans

February 8, 2014

Slim fit works for me, but perhaps not for everyone.

Jack Purcell Apparel Collection

February 5, 2014

Converse just debuted the Jack Purcell Apparel Collection which also includes some special editions of the classic sneaker. You can find the collection at Converse, but it appears not everything has been released yet.


The Day and Night Smile Polo has a pattern inspired by the “smile” on the toe of a Jack Purcell sneaker. Kind of reminds me of Japanese origami paper.

The Jack Purcell Pocket Square Jack in Dozer Blue is a standout in the new line.


Red12straps watch straps

January 8, 2014

Zack over at Red12straps contacted me about a watch strap I posted about in 2010 that he made. While that strap sold, he wanted me to know that he makes a bunch of different straps, from Horween leathers to straps made from footballs or baseball gloves. You can see the full collection of his custom work at Red12straps.





Soaking Dockers Alpha Khakis

January 4, 2014

I have 2 pairs of Dockers Alpha Khakis, and the British Tan ones are my favorite pair of pants. I love the fit, which I was worried was too tight but my skinny legs actually look normal in these, and the quality is good for the money–usually on sale for under $40 at your local department store. Dockers wants you to wear them like jeans, so I soak mine in the tub and let them drip dry. I find it keeps them from fading too quickly and shrinking in the drier too much. Unlike jeans, I wash them after a maximum of 2 wearings.




Shuron Sidewinder Review

January 1, 2014

Last year I decided to purchase a new pair of glasses. I had owned the previous pair for 15 years, and while they were in good shape, I felt I needed to add a different style to my collection. Besides, since I use contact lenses during the day, my prescription was out of date on my glasses.

So I decided on some Shuron Sidewinders. I wanted something that was Made in the USA, a classic style, tortoiseshell, and under $100 for the frames. Shuron Sidewinders fit all of those categories.

The thing I liked about Shuron was that they came in several size options. After trying on some RayBan Wayfarer frames at my optometrist to help get an idea of the size I might need, I ordered mine through Optometrist Attic. The first pair I ordered were too wide in the bridge, resulting in my eyes being off-center in the lenses and giving me a cross-eyed appearance. I exchanged them for a smaller pair and had them adjusted at my optometrist for overall width.

After wearing metal frames for so long, the weight of plastic frames took a little getting used to. But the frames are great quality, with a rich tortoiseshell pattern. They are solidly built, with no loose hinges and better plastic than you find on other sub-$100 glasses. I do wish that Shuron’s were a bit more widely distributed, as I think they offer great return for the money. At some point I will probably pick up another pair for sunglasses.





Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt

December 7, 2013

NPR’s Planet Money show wanted to find out about how clothing is made in the global economy. They were able to partner with Jockey to use their resources and did a Kickstarter to fund the project. They were able to film every step, from harvesting the cotton to shipping the finished shirt across the world.

You can view the story on Planet Money.

Sid Mashburn Western Shirts

November 30, 2013

The Western Shirt (aka Cowboy Shirt) is one of those garments that screams “Americana.” Typically these shirts are cut larger to, theoretically, allow easier movement while in the saddle or dosie-doe-ing on the dance floor at the saloon.

However, in celebration of his new store opening in Houston, Sid Mashburn has created a few Western shirts that have a more refined fit and with some interesting fabrics.

First is a classic denim shirt, but with troca buttons instead of the usual pearlized snaps:


Next is a chambray, but in a Indian selvedge fabric:



Lastly is an oxford, done in a classic blue-and-white university stripe:




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