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Behind the Scenes with Katin

July 27, 2014

I’ve got a pair of Katin Kaper trunks, but every couple of months I drive by the Katin Surf shop on Pacific Coast Highway. I hope to get in there soon to have Sato sew me up another pair.

Without Walls has a nice behind-the-scenes video of how Sato does it.

United Arrows Tours New Balance

July 18, 2014

United Arrows recently toured New Balance’s Boston headquarters and 2 of their US factories. I don’t really wear sneakers that often, but I’ve got a pair of 501s and they are the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever had.

The Knap Style of Julien Landa

June 28, 2014

Julien Landa is a Dutch artist who makes watch straps and has become something of an Instagram menswear sensation. He used to make his own clothes when money was tight, but as his finances got better, he discovered that the style of the clothes he made was similar to Ralph Lauren. So he started buying Ralph’s pieces, particularly from the RRL line. So his Instagram is full of selfies, mainly from the neck down, of Julien in his outfits of all Ralph Lauren gear save for a few exceptions. He’s got a good eye and a talent for creating lookbook-worthy outfits that still seem just-put-together.

A few of Julien’s Instagrams

The Stranded Sailors did a recent profile on Julien that’s worth a look:

fyi, “knap” is handsome in Dutch and pronounced “kuh-nup” real fast.

The Works Family: Tomorrow Somewhere New

June 11, 2014

Josh and Jessa Works sold their possessions, bought an Airstream trailer, and set out on a nomadic adventure to visit all the US National Parks. Their instagram accounts (@worksology and @jessaworks) are full of drool worthy pics and awesome dronies.

Dark Rye Mag and Whole Foods Market did a feature on them that gives you the whole story:

United Arrows – ALEX Sky Blue

May 9, 2014

Japanese retailer United Arrows recently posted a video highlighting their menswear designer Seiki “Alex” Fukudome and the indigo shirts he designed. Included is a trip to California where Alex shows the shirts to Unionmade and Mohawk General Store.

Wes Anderson’s Forrest Gump

April 26, 2014

Louis Paquet reimagined the opening titles of “Forrest Gump” as if Wes Anderson had directed the film.

Maiden State Pop-Up

April 11, 2014

This past Sunday, San Diego-area retailers Aloha Sunday Supply Co. and Lone Flag hosted a menswear pop-up event called Maiden State. The event focused on mainly local companies who produce denim, leather accessories, and shoes, as well as a few other retailers. It was a bunch of Made-in-the-USA goodness held at the Lafayette Hotel in North Park, San Diego.


Boutonne had a nice selection of bags and leather laptop cases:

Bradley Mountain had a cozy space showcasing their bags and accessories:

The Earth & Sky collection by Friday & River was a standout:

Lone Flag had a nice capsule collection, with a standout being this Japanese-woodblock-print shirt in a limited run:


Laguna Beach retailer North Menswear had a nice selection of goods:



Seasoned USA had a great selection of caps made from vintage military parachutes and tweeds:





The assortment from Union Leather Works:

Overall it was a nice event with a lot of friendly people. There was a bunch of other vendors that I only got shots with my iPhone so check my Instagram for more of the day. Hopefully it was a successful event that will lead to future Maiden State pop-ups.


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